DaftDrop.com – Irish property price tracker

DaftDrop.com is a non-profit Irish property price tracker, giving an unbiased and impartial view of the Irish property market. DaftDrop.com can:

  • Show price drops/increases
  • Show the real time on market
  • Show similar properties
  • Detect previous listings of the same property
  • Show unbiased, up-to-date trends via graphing
  • Automatically notify you of price changes in your area!

I originally built fully automated software to track property data starting from May, 2011. The website, which went live mid-June, 2011, is an easy-to-use view of this data, aimed at buyers or anyone interested in property data & trends.

This project required a surprisingly large amount of coding, design and tinkering. Some of the technologies I have used include:

  • Google Web Toolkit 2.*
  • Google Charts
  • HTMLUnit
  • JavaMail
  • SimpleCaptcha
  • Apache Commons
  • Apache HTTP Server
  • Apache Tomcat
  • MySQL

Since going live, the site has been much busier than I had anticipated, and has received a good response (see http://www.daftdrop.com/#!commentView), and has been referred to in many blogs, forums and even some Irish papers.