– The UK property price tracker

Similar to, is a non-profit UK property price tracker — currently tracking; UK’s largest residential & commercial property website, giving an unbiased and impartial view of the UK property market (including Northern Ireland). can:

  • Show price drops/increases
  • Show the real time on market
  • Show similar properties
  • Detect previous listings of the same property
  • Show unbiased, up-to-date trends via graphing
  • Automatically notify you of price changes in your area!

I originally built the fully automated software to track property data starting from 2015. The website, which went live mid-June, 2017, is an easy-to-use view of this data, aimed at buyers or anyone interested in property data & trends.

Some of the main technologies used to build

  • NodeJS / Express.js / Jade / AngularJS / Bootstrap /
  • Express.js
  • Jade
  • AngularJS / Bootstrap
  • Apache Lucene
  • Jersey
  • MySQL