O2 Text.com

Frustrated by O2’s webtext application on o2online.ie (and just about all o2online.ie’s features), I set out to build my own standalone Swing application, so I could quickly and easily make use of my 250 free monthly texts, without having to go through the pain of using o2online.ie. After a few hours of analysing dozens of Ajax requests and many cookies, I figured out how to trick o2.ie into thinking my application was a real user with a real browser. This standalone application evolved into O2Text.com, which is easy to use and stable!

The site is as simple as possible, allowing you to quickly send a text from a phone too  — something not possible on o2online.ie (I know, I know; a mobile operator with a website not usable via a, eh…mobile phone).

For me, another major advantage of O2Text.com, is that there is no session (and therefore no session expiration), so the user doesn’t have to go through the slow and annoying login process after every 15~ minutes of inactivity. Instead, if you need to text somebody, it’s simple to just browse to o2text.com, type a few short details and send it with one click. Or if you’re using your home computer, you can leave an O2Text.com window open all the time.

All of the authentication, etc, and processing (more than you might think) takes place on the server side. The user’s machine does a minimal amount of work.